November 17, 2009


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I hope that 2010 will be the year - the end of my old bathroom. It's a disaster. The woman who lived here before us was obsessed with repainting. Our apartment doors, cabinets and windows have been pink, dark green, bright yellow, bright green. You name it. She repainted the bathroom between the times we looked at the apartment before we bought it. Every time it had a new color. Including the bathtub itself that was transformed from being dark blue to antique white, while the ceiling went from being dark blue to white with bright pink sponging. I might have been more forgiving if she would have been good at painting but the paint looks more like it has been splashed on the walls with big drops everywhere.
Do not repaint your bathtub whatever people might tell you about paint! Since a bathroom makeover is an expensive thing we've now had paint falling off the sides of the tub for many years. The bathroom also was organized poorly in the first place. It has a sloping ceiling since our house has a steep roof. Which would be very charming unless the bathtub had been placed where the ceiling is approximately the height of a two year old making it impossible to take a shower. We also have tiles missing in the floor, pipes and electricity that have been added afterwards across the walls and ceiling. The bathroom could be so nice. It's quiet big for being in a small apartment since a wall have been knocked down at some point. It has a high ceiling over 3 meters except where they put the tub. Do I need to say looking at inspiring bathrooms
is something I love doing.

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Tant Ulrika said...

Tassar förbi o tipsar dig som tävlat hos mig tidigare att jag nu dratt i gång en ny spännande en: chans att vinna ett presentkort från en finfin barnbutik. Kika gärna in o delta i den med ?=

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