December 2, 2009


It would be really cute to cut these trees in half and use them for a pop-up Christmas tree card. I'd love to see the result if anyone tries it out. This is really easy. Anyone could do this. Don't be scared off by all the steps. I used as much as 4 pictures to show one step from different angles.

1. Start with a square piece of paper or post it note. I use a two colored paper. It's the green side that will show in the end.

2. Fold it once creating a triangle.

3. Unfold.

4. Fold it the other way creating another triangle.

Unfold and flip over.

6. Fold it in the middle creating a green rectangle.


Fold it the other way creating another green rectangle. As you can see on the picture it opens up slightly in the middle. You now push from both sides to make it open up completely creating something 9. that looks like a 4 point star. There are four pictures of the result 9. from different angles.

Put the star down like this picture shows

Pick up the first flap, like turning the next page of a book and push the flap down creating a sharp fold 12.

Repeat the last step 11. four times. I show the result in two pics that are both numbered 13.

14. You now want to create a tree that will stand on it's own like in the picture 17. To make that happen you have to fold away the 4 small triangles that are sticking out. It's easy to first fold them (4 times) like I show in 14. and then open the tree up 15. and reverse the folds 16.

Put the tree down and make 5 small cuts from each side. Try not to make the different layers shift while you cut. It's easier if you distribute the layers (or branches so to speak of the tree) so that you have 4 on each side. When you cut you should aim at making the cut end half way in towards the middle of the tree. If you imagine a vertical line where the tree stem would have been (if this would have been a real tree) you cut half the distance from each side, making the upper cuts shorter and the lower cuts where the tree is wider longer.

19. 20. You now fold little triangles like I show in these pics. And the tree is finished. If you want to save time and cut your tree in half for a pop-up card you do this before folding these little triangles in the last step.

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