November 27, 2009


Pictures: 1. otis & frank 2.favaro JR on Flickr

In search of inspiration for a new bathroom I found these pics with wooden interiors that I like a a lot. Until now I always pictured my new bathroom having more of a concrete theme.

November 24, 2009



I make the same mistake every year. I go to check out the Habitat Christmas decorations and I think that you can do so without buying anything at all. I always fail. These Herbert spice jars are now mine. I'll post my new Christmas lights I wasn't supposed to buy either soon. In Iceland they don't use advent stars or advent lights as much as we do in Sweden although we have that tradition here as well. Most people hang Christmas light sets in their windows in stead and we do so as early as possible. Some of my neighbours have had theirs up for weeks. I kind of forgive them though because the winters can be very dark and dull here. As long as they don't have blinking Santas or rein deers my opinion is many light sets can be pretty all round.

November 23, 2009


On the weekends it's popular rent a cottage somewhere in the countryside. In Iceland they come with a hot tub on the porch and if you're lucky with a view like this one from Saturday night.

November 22, 2009


1. Super Sweet Creations on Etsy. Cute and don't miss the father + son matching T-shirts and the brothers' gift sets.
3. Habitat Citylights rug with led lights. Looks cool but I haven't seen it in person.
2. & 4-7 fede shop and blog adorable rattles.
8-9. stitchface on Etsy. You just want to hug these guys.

November 21, 2009


The New York Times Pictures are clickable

I always thought dark colors didn't suit small spaces - that they'd make the apartment look smaller. And that you'd have to spend your time de-cluttering. Then I saw this nice apartment. Read the article here. I love the color of their kitchen. And the clock on the first picture is so cool.

November 20, 2009


Picture: littlebrownpen on Etsy

The urbnCal from Stockholm has been featured on many Swedish blogs lately. This is a bigger Parisian version. It's held together by clips and you can rearrange the numbers using it for as long as you want (watch the video). Available from here. Would be fun to make something like this yourself. A friend of mine did an advent calender taking pictures of herself with different numbers around the city. Then she sent the pictures by mail to her friends. It took a few days to figure out what it was but it became a very popular project and she had to do it all again the next year.


candimandi (Amanda Johnson)

This bedroom was in one of my Flickr favourite posts. Now I ran across the blog of it's owner with before and after pictures. You can also find out how she did the fabulous wall sign.


1. Desire to Inspire via Flickr 2. via Flickr
3. the seventy three Pictures are clickable.

November 19, 2009


This was a fun idea. Holding hands is not very popular these days around here. I feel I'm improving on my sprint skills every day on the way home from playschool. Would be the perfect Christmas present for someone with twins. The mittens are fair trade by buing knits from the website you help support women and children in Bolivia.


November 18, 2009


1. Heal's through Flickr2. Karen from olli & lime through Open House
3. Heal's 4. Sew Mama Sew Pictures are clickable

I love this Orla Kiely for Heal's fabric. I wouldn't say no to a multi stem drum like the one above for my living room. I'm repainting my living room in a slightly less green color very similar to the bedroom wall. Awsome bedroom. The bed linen is available here. It would be cheaper to buy a pair of pillow cases and make the drum though. I found a similar fabric too (on the last picture).
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