December 23, 2010


Merry Christmas everyone. In Iceland kids put one of their shoes in the windowsill 13 nights before Christmas and if you've been nice you get a small present in the shoe. There are 13 different Santas that does this magic. They arrive one at a time each particular night. If you don't behave you get a potato in the shoe in stead. Sounds complicated? We'll as a parent you don't have to buy 24 advent calender presents now since there's only 13 Santas. The 13th day after Christmas is a holiday here like in Sweden and that marks the day when the last Santa has left the building so to speak. But there's no presents involved when they leave. Christmas Eve we celebrate in a similar way as in Sweden.

December 21, 2010


1. Anna Lenas hem Christmas counter through Poppytalk
2. Vtwonen Christmas tree through Living Like Linda

Wishful thinking or not it feels like we might be having the best Christmas present. The midwife also said today she thought the baby wouldn' t be long. I've been saying all along it would be a Christmas baby just to get used to the thought so that it wouldn't be a disappointment if the baby didn't wait til next year. I'd absolutely love to hopefully be able to do something else for Christmas than just lie on the sofa, if just to play with my son. Well today I managed to drive to the midwife appointment and go online to read blogs. Now it's back to the sofa...

December 10, 2010


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ROOM and serve
2-5. Designsponge
6. ROOM and serve

I have a big weakness for old lofts. I love the nooks and corners and weird spaces.

December 9, 2010


Pictures: jeongyun through Flickr

This Christmas chandelier is made from the IKEA Glansa lights.

December 8, 2010


Picture: Apartment Therapy

I'm moving home later tonight. At the moment I'm sitting at work wondering what the bathroom might look like. I haven't been home since the bathroom started to look like a bathroom again so I have actually no idea. I have been with my son the last few days while the kindest people have been cleaning the apartment high and low. I know It will be smaller than before since we had to put in new walls, a new ceiling and use all of the previous unused space. Hopefully it will look a bit like the bathroom on this picture. Though the floor tiles are black. I will show pictures of the result I promise.


4. Pickles
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December 7, 2010


Picture: BRIGGS LEKEHUS linked to it's source

Living in a hotel apartment in total lack of decorations my blog list has become a life saver. This knitted Christmas ball is super cute. Would be easy to make looking like an Icelandic sweater. From the advent calender of BRIGGS LEKEHUS.

December 5, 2010


Pictures: 1. Martha Stewart

found through
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December 3, 2010


Pictures: Hemnet through Aprill Aprill

The lovely home of blog Dalstigen now for sale through here.
In case you wonder, I didn't give up on the blog. In the beginning of November I thought I'd been really lucky feeling so good during both my pregnancies. Then I caught 3 colds and the flu in 4 weeks while living away from home because of the bathroom makeover. It's not so easy to entertain a bored 3 year old in a small studio for 4 weeks when you're not feeling well. Now with 20 something days to go and the apartment a total mess I almost feel I want out. Hoping to be able to move back home next week with some cleaning help from friends and family. And I hope the baby stays where it is until we're back.
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