July 21, 2011


You get an endless sandy beach all to yourself with a view of a glacier to top it off.


Pictures: Color Me Katie

July 5, 2011


As you might have noticed I haven't had time to blog so much lately. It mostly has to do with my bad back that is now luckily better. I now have a big 6 month old girl that is constantly on the move and I'm kind of wondering where these months went.
I thought I might give some tips about what to see and do if you ever come to Iceland. There are many recent family friendly cafes one of which is Iðunnaraplið tucked away in a cozy downtown basement right next to the Parliament. They have moderate prices, make their own baby food, open early and feature a playroom with video surveillance.
In Iceland people leave their babies sleeping outside of cafes and shops even on the main street. I have noticed tourists find that terribly unusual. It's an old custom letting your children sleep outside and to our defense we have a very low crime rate. If you'd steal a baby here there'd be no where to hide or go since we're a small island. You can borrow a baby watch device or sit by the stroller in the window.

July 4, 2011


One of my favourite locations in the West fjords of Iceland. You drive north until the last 90km of gravel roads literally come to an end. There they have the harshest weather that made most people leave and time stand still. The trip takes a whole day (if you travel with children) and make it difficult to bring in new furniture and appliances. We went there in June and had 2°C and scattered piles of snow. The swimming pool that uses natural hot water from a spring keeps a lovely temperature of 39-40°C though. If you need to cool down you can go for a swim in the ocean or jump into the hot tub which was only 35°C. I have posted pictures before. Check them out here and here.
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