November 10, 2010


Picture: Hus & Hem through Desire to Inspire
This was a rather cute way of creating more space for laundry and things that are hanging everywhere in the bathroom. I plan to fit in my washing machine in the new bathroom in stead of having to deal with the baby and running up and down the stairs to the basement. I think it would be wishful thinking being able to put away at some point if I were to get one of those foldable drying racks. I think you need something more permanent with children in the house.
Our apartment is now covered in concrete dust. I try to think happy thoughts. I will get a new bathroom that works as such. There were no unpleasant surprises like mould. Only less expensive findings so far. Like the ceiling was full of sawdust from 1912 that had to be replaced. And we're very lucky to get a replacement apartment for free.

November 8, 2010


trough Today I Love
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The risk of having a baby at Christmas made me buy all my Christmas presents in October. I even wrapped them the other day. Now I will just sit back and don't spend any money or visit a single overcrowded store until Christmas. I even went to IKEA and bought Swedish chocolates and gingerbread cookies. Time will tell though if I'm able to stay away from those for 6 weeks.

November 1, 2010


Source: Bolaget through Jennys hus

I love this apartment. It matches the autumn leaves outside the windows. More pictures available here.
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