November 25, 2011


Today the wait for the first snow was finally over. It was one of those unusual days in Iceland with postcard like snowfall and absolutely no wind. Some days kids are faster than usual getting dressed for playschool in the morning.
The cookie cutters comes from Martinex and IKEA and the pig is an old Swedish heritage.

November 19, 2011


This was a cute idea to make a tree out of felted balls. I just found out you could make felted balls in the washing machine at the 60° program. I haven't tried it though. Maybe you can find instructions on Youtube? You tie the wool into an old nylon stocking and shape it when it is still wet. That would definately save time if you are making a lot of balls like for one of those multicolored felted ball rugs that cost a fortune if you buy it.
I still need to figure out what to do about the Christmas tree this year. Having a one year old to be that climbs onto everything and thinks she can fly. She also has the most developed sixth sense about things that are off limits like the toilet, the trash can, the toilet brush, plastic bags. Maybe we could have a small tree on a table that is out of reach?

November 18, 2011


Picture: Hús & Híbýli

To avoid buying 24 advent calender presents times your number of children, why not make another type of calender where the present is a happening; a visit to the swimming pool, a dinner at own choice, a visit to the playground or a café, a playdate with the cousins, making a cake or just anything. You could use 24 envelopes like this one.
Luckily in Iceland we have the custom where the 13 Icelandic Santas visit the children that are nice the last 13 nights before Christmas. They are leaving a small present in your shoe if you put it in the windowsill when you go to sleep. So parents save a lot of presents until the day they come to town.

November 14, 2011


1.& 3. Skeppsholmen Fastighetsmäkleri
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collégien through Nina
3. houseofalexandra through Today I love
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Don't miss the give away of the adorable non-slip slippers at Ninavorm.

November 13, 2011



My blog break the last few weeks was due to that the kids great grandmother died. This is her old kitchen. Although she was a great grandmother she never got old. When I first met her some 10 years ago she was actually seventy something years old. I didn´t know the language and my mother in law took me to a charity run with who I mistakenly thought was her sister. I waited and waited for my boyfriends grandmother to appear at the dinner afterwards at her house. I thought she must had gone to the store or something. In her apartment there was always people everywhere, not easy to know who everyone was.
In her old kitchen at the end of the world she sat in the heat from the stove playing cards and games waiting for the typical misty weather to clear. There was always fresh coffee and she
always devoted her time and attention to everyone else. She collected dolls and old toys. The toy pictures are from her bedroom. Although if you were a child you were allowed to borrow them.

November 12, 2011


Pictures from

I admire people that dare to use colors. It's also cool that they let the kitchen top continue into the living room.

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