December 29, 2011


We had a nice Christmas. With a slight lack of sleep for the parents and lack of food for the young ones who were only allowed to drink Gatorade doctors orders. Yesterday was the night of the birthday party for the one year old. During the night we had the most snow I've ever seen. I think we had about 30cm of new snow in our garden this morning. I finally managed to paint the playroom too during the holidays. It was a birthday party success.

December 24, 2011

December 22, 2011



Picture: 1. Martha Stewart
2-3. Isa Form

Anyone still awake wrapping presents? Try out these print out gift tags from Martha Stewart and Isa Form.

December 21, 2011


This is a cute nativity set available for print out. You can choose if you want to use the colored figures above or color your own.

December 17, 2011

December 15, 2011

December 13, 2011


Here is the directions if you want to fold a Christmas tree.

December 12, 2011


My weekend find was this old flower table. I have a big weakness for childrens' books (trying to get the children to speak Swedish) and I needed a way to make them more accessible. I can't use it as a book stand just yet though since my almost one year old tear up all books that are not board books. But I managed to take a couple of pics while she was busy making a mess in some other part of the house.
Regarding my weekend plans they had to be put on ice since I got invited to a summer house. I have at least bought the paint.

December 7, 2011


I lost the link for this pic
Fill me in if you know it's source

Some projects take forever don't they. Back in 2009 I got the idea transforming an old nooky storage room into a kids playroom or a sleeping nook. One and half year ago or so I moved all the stuff from the old storage room into the attic where we got a brand new more accessible storage. The old nooky storage room even got a new wall and floor. Then pregnancy came in the way and I hurt my back and my family didn't allow me to do the slightest little painting project at home. Next weekend it will have to happen. It's now or never. My plan is to let my 4 year old have the new playroom for Christmas. I promise to show the result here on the blog.

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