January 26, 2010


The bathroom turned out to be a real pain planing because of the five corners, sloping ceiling, big window, old door that opens into the room and the many angles. And there are so many choices to make. This is what it could look like if we change the layout of the room. We now have a bathtub only and the family that lived here before us (of supposedly all 1,5 year olds) placed it along the wall where the height of the room is 82cm!
The (lack of) colors and appliances are not exactly the ones we had in mind either. But the sketch has the right room layout. The window (on the last two pictures) is new. What I like about the sketch are the shower walls that folds in and the low cupboard below the window. You could put a flat cushion on it and use it as a bench. It would also be nice to have the washing machine in the apartment as opposed to two floors down in the basement.
Since there are so many talented blog people out there I figured someone might have ideas or hints before I screw up the actual bathroom.

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