March 14, 2010


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I've done it. I hired a professional guy to make a storage unit for all my things in the sleeping loft to make use of all the wasted space under the lowest part of the ceiling. In my dreams it will be as clever as the storage in this apartment. Though I'm afraid this shelf project I found through Ellas inspiration might just be a bit out of my league. Check it out yourselves. In the meantime I have a floor and a wall to paint. I'm going to be good at painting after this sudden renovation nightmare. I've been spending so much time and money in our local paint store they started to give me discounts and offer me coffee to go.
Don't miss the before and after pictures of the fab bathroom. Even my bathroom looks OK in comparison to the before pictures. Gives me hope overlooking the concrete dust and paint stains. And I love how they have painted the radiators in different accent colors in stead of trying to hide them.


1 OF A KIND said...

Really cool!!

Anonymous said...

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