October 29, 2011


Another place not to be missed if travelling in Iceland (or Copenhagen for that matter) with children is the Laudromat Café. I like the nice interior and the large playroom downstairs where you can also wash your clothes. It's always very busy so it's a good way to meet locals, especially if you bring your kids. I haven't been 100% lucky with the food and the service. But they have great coffee. And the playroom is to die for although coffee is only allowed in the doorway. Hope you have a nice weekend!


CW said...

I'm trying to plan a trip to Reykjavik for maybe March or April. Can you suggest any hotels that are not too expensive? I'm coming from the US, and I'm wondering what options I have other than a hostel.

snowsmilla said...

This is a good location and low budget and they also have en suite rooms and apartments: http://www.sunna.is/
The tourist information has a good website too: www.visitreykjavik.is

CW said...

Thanks so much! I wound up going with a different hotel, but I just booked the trip and I could not be more excited.

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