December 5, 2009


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6-7. super_ziper 8.. meghan-solo
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I go on holiday tomorrow so I spent last night making our Christmas card. Being a parent you are supposed to send your family and poor friends that don't have kids a cute family picture. You could go to a professional studio and pay a fortune. If you have good equipment like we do you could set all the lights up and try to make your kid look adorable at home. Then you end up with 199 pictures of your kid crying, running away in fear or picking his nose and that one pic that's tolerable if you don't look too closely. If you do take the pics yourself it's a good idea to use the ones you don't choose for your Christmas card as gift tags. We've done that for the last few years. The pictures are often very funny and the kids in the family have been fighting over them. Everyone got a different picture on their present of us looking extremely stupid.

This year we've been taking a lot of pictures for friends and weren't up to going through the whole process again so I used a couple of pictures we took at IKEA. To begin with they had good lightning in the store. The Christmas decorations were up early. And there was a display kids setup with a Christmas sign in the background and small red furniture where my son happened to sit down to give the KLAPPAR tiger coffee. I then used the IKEA price tag (that we took a picture of to remember on which shelf the table was located) to write the card message. I might show the result when I've sent them. But to get to the point I think that you don't have to make so much of an effort or pay loads of money to make something personal.

year I
I bought the
cards and made
the message look like
a Christmas tree inside the

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