December 6, 2009


I'm finally going on my trip to Sweden. I scheduled a load of posts that have been waiting to be published for next week. So I'll be away but not away. I might not be around to answer any comments, though any comments are still welcome! I'll be back in person next week. Hopefully with loads of pictures to show you. There are no direct flight in the winter so I have to fly to Oslo. I wasn't looking forward to the four hours I had to kill waiting for the bus at first but now I saw on their tourist information website they of course have so much stuff going on on a Sunday before Christmas. Since we often travel through Oslo we also have a favourite sushi and an Italian ice cream place to go to.
This picture is taken on Valentines day up north. The cute city of Akureyri did this to their red lights in February this year. At least the red lights I saw. These smaller towns tend not to have too many red lights so it maybe wasn't too big of a project so to speak.

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