March 22, 2010


Picture Jóna Sig through

In the chaos of finishing the floor, cleaning and moving back into the apartment with a sick kid I didn't have time to blog about the fact that we had that volcanic eruption between Saturday and Sunday. At the moment it's still a very small "tourist friendly" eruption. The farmers on the lowlands stay the night away from their homes as a precaution. Here is a picture where people climbed a mountain to get a good view. My boyfriend's photographic fingers are itching so much he is getting a friend to fly with him to take pictures. So I might post pictures later on. If the eruption spreads it might be serious. Iceland is waiting for a major eruption that is about 50 years late under a nearby glacier, the Katla volcano. Those eruptions has historically started every time with a smaller eruption near where the current eruption is located. In case of a Katla eruption under the glacier there will be big floods destroying farms and maybe whole villages on the south coast. The Katla volcano is one of those volcanoes that can affect the world climate.


Sara said...

Hi Reykjavik fragments,
just to let you know that I follow your blog regularly ie every day :) First of all I like your blog, interior stuff, but also the nature pictures. LOVE Iceland, been there once some years ago. Amazing country. Lately I have been watching the news about your financial troubles and now this volcanic eruption.

Have a great day and week, Greetings from sunny and snowy Helsinki, Finland.


snowsmilla said...

Thank you :-)

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