March 20, 2010


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It's funny how in the blog jungle you tend to fall for those Swedish homes. Now I don't even live in Sweden anymore. I love that CD player on the wall I think it's from Muji.


HELLO TIGER! said...

Ja, CD-spelaren är från Muji. Jag tycker att den är superfint. Så enkel och snygg. Men jag undrar lite över ljudet i den?

wood & wool stool said...

Yes the cd player is from Muji. We had one on our wall for years. The sound was not to good but it looked so cool. I totally dislike all audio stuff in the house, but this one was different. Unfortunately someone pulled to wild on the on/off wire and it's broken...
Next time I'm in Paris I will try to find a new one.

snowsmilla said...

Ja man blir ju lite avskräckt av priset om inte ljudet är så bra? Fast vad gör man inte för att bli av med fulgrejer hemma :-)

I want one too. It's available at Åhléns in Sweden. But while I was thinking about buying one the currency dropped 50% so now it's twice as expensive :-(

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