April 15, 2010


We all got a reminder today of how small we are flights being cancelled in all of northern Europe because of the ash clouds from the eruption in Iceland. The winds are blowing the other way so there are no signs of ash where I live some 200km from the volcano. I work in tourism so I've been on the phone all day with people that has been affected by the volcano. Some of them were trapped in the mountains when the eruption started behind the flooded areas. They are coming to town tomorrow. Now they might be trapped again because of cancelled flights. One couple from France came to visit their daughter. She is now stuck on the other side of the cut off ring road. Most people that were evacuated are now back at their farms though. Some flights are still landing in Iceland from Europe in half an hour or so. And we can still fly with domestic flights and to the US because Reykjavík airport and the international airport is on the right side of the eruption in regards to the wind.
I have no intention of being a pain but the eruption could last for a year! The last eruption in the 1800:s lasted for over a year but not constantly.This eruption is much bigger than the smaller eruption that started in March but is still not a huge one. This volcano has had 2 eruptions in historic time and both of them have triggered the much bigger Katla volcano to erupt. Katla is about 40 years overdue and a Katla Eruption might affect a far greater area!

So lets hope the eruption stays small and tourist friendly. And that the winds change.


Johanna.B said...

Verkligen jätteläskigt. Man känner sig verkligen pyttepytteliten när naturen sätter fart..


Anonymous said...

Lets hope this will not last for 2 years :) all airports in Finland except Helsinki are closed and they are closing soon too. Forecast is that ash will start landing during the night. Its bit weird. :) Greetings from Helsinki.

Pauliina said...

The've even cancelled flights here in France... Let's hope it will not last for a year.
Take care over there...
Nice blog you have :o)

Sara said...

We had a purple sky last night here in Helsinki when I went to bed! Spooky! All airports closed today in Finland.

I like you blog a LOT, both the nature pictures and the interior pics too. May I ask a special Iceland posting! :-) Are there other nice icelandic blogs for example, history, naturelinks or pages? Or anything you would like to tell about Iceland. I know a little bit, been there once but unfortunately the language is so different from swedish and norwegian that I cannot read icelandic.

Have a nice weekend!

Malin said...

Visst är det skrämmande. Läste någonstans att befolkningen på Island tar det rätt lugnt ändå. Vet inte om det är sant dock...

Trötta är vi på den där vulkanen hur som helst. Både mannen och mina föräldrar är strandade långt hemifrån. Hoppas att den ger med sig snart för allas vår skull.

Kul med besök fårn dig förrestens. Jättefin blogg. Älskar köket på bilderna här nedanför!

Ylva said...

det är läskigt med det här. Man får sig en tankeställare, vi har inte mycket att sätta emot naturen.

snowsmilla said...

Sara, thanks if you e-mail me reykjavik.fragments(at)gmail.com i could maybe help you out. But I promise to keep posting our pictures from Iceland.

Malin, åh vad trist. Ja det är inte kul för dem som sitter fast. Idag gick det iaf endel flyg härifrån till Tampere, Göteborg, Oslo och Stockholm tror jag det var. Hoppas de kan komma hem snart!

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