December 23, 2010


Merry Christmas everyone. In Iceland kids put one of their shoes in the windowsill 13 nights before Christmas and if you've been nice you get a small present in the shoe. There are 13 different Santas that does this magic. They arrive one at a time each particular night. If you don't behave you get a potato in the shoe in stead. Sounds complicated? We'll as a parent you don't have to buy 24 advent calender presents now since there's only 13 Santas. The 13th day after Christmas is a holiday here like in Sweden and that marks the day when the last Santa has left the building so to speak. But there's no presents involved when they leave. Christmas Eve we celebrate in a similar way as in Sweden.


trashsparkle said...

What a delightful custom!

KERRY said...

Yes, I agree...I love the idea. Have a lovely Christmas x

The Goads said...

Nice post. Happy New Year!

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