January 19, 2011


Our baby girl was born between Christmas and New Year's and everything went so well. The new year though started off really bad for me as I was diagnosed with spinal disc herniation. I couldn't sit, lie down, sleep or stand upright for about a week, my leg went numb and I wasn't allowed to take any pain killers that worked because of the baby. Thankfully I'm a lot better now. I thought I had to undergo an operation but it might not be necessary after all. I'm hoping that I'll be back here soon and I'm hoping that they'll allow me to carry my baby around again since I feel so much better now.


Ylva said...

stort grattis till din lilla flicka!!!

låter jobbigt med skadan (är det bruten svanskota)? Tur att du är bättre nu.


KERRY said...

Many congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! I did wonder! However, I am so sorry to hear of the pain and discomfort you have been in. Must be so unbelievably awful for you, and not able to hold your baby. I really hope things are improving quickly. Lots of positive thoughts being sent your way :-) x

fen and ned said...

Your baby girl is beautiful, congratulations! Sorry to hear you have been suffering though, I had the same thing 5 years ago so I know how much pain you were in, such a shame after the happiness of your Daughter arriving, bless you, glad to hear it's improving take care! Sarah x

Tilda B. Hervé said...

congratulations! what a beautiful girl!!! i hope you get well soon!

begga said...

Æj dúllan ! Til hamingju !!

Johanna.B said...

En sån liten söt tös! Grattis grattis grattis! Tur att du mår bättre också så att du kan börja blogga lite igen också!


Tracey said...

Oh adorable picture.

Hope you are feeling totally better soon. Can't imagine it must have been a nightmare! xx

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