January 12, 2012


I found this photo challenge at April April and decided to have it a go. You can also join in here just add you to the link list. Here I am with my 8 month old at at lake Langisjór last summer. For years, plans existed to dam this amazing lake for energy production but then politicians made the good decision making this lake part of a National Park. We were on a camping tip with the family with big Icelandic monster jeeps behind the Vatnajökull glacier. People usually think were nuts when we tell them we go camping in the mountains with small children but it's actually the best way of traveling in my opinion. You can stop anywhere you like when you're on these off the map mountain roads where there is no traffic to take into consideration. And the kids sleep better on bumpy roads than on highways. When my older son was about 8 months we took it to the extreme and got dropped off by a boat in the inhabited remote north part of the west fjords only to be picked up again after the weekend (and a 5 hour hike) on his very fist camping trip.

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