March 1, 2010


Picture borrowed from Chez Larsson

I felt I was out of ideas for our bathroom makeover so I asked Swedish blog favurite Benita at Chez Larsson inspired by the advise she has given to her readers lately. I was so happy to find out she is giving me ideas on my bathroom in three posts. Check it out here and stay tuned for the posts to follow. I'm so thrilled and grateful. Seems I'll now have problems choosing rather than a lack of ideas. I love purple and I love the towels from Himla. I actually had a blind from Swedish Himla in our living room. I can't say how relived I was it wasn't thrown out the other day. I brought it as hand luggage on the plane! The latest turn of events where we lost most of our furniture made the bathroom job overnight into an apartment makeover where we're changing the floors, painting the bedroom, office and living room, building new storage in the attic and hopefully making the old storage room into a sleeping nook for our son while we're moved out of our currently empty apartment. If we manage to pull through half of these project anytime soon I promise to show you the results on the blog. Pays off not no be overly optimistic about these things. Especially with the bathroom since we're still waiting for the guys that will do the job for us that are currently stuck with another project.

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